A brief analysis of Christopher Okigbo’s poems

Being a post-independent writer, Okigbo’s poetry is focused of on the occurrences in the Nigerian society after the attainment of the Independence. Using nature’s symbols and imageries, Okigbo was is able to present the effect of the Civil war on the Nigerian unity. The poem, is giving a picture of the situation in Nigeria during the civil war. explaining the disunity that has arisen as a result of the war. Continue reading “A brief analysis of Christopher Okigbo’s poems”


Ecology and Environmental Politics in Modern African Poetry

Ecology and Environmental Politics in Modern African Poetry

by David Olorunsogo, Oluwamayowa Omojowolo, Adeleye Omolola Helen, Akingbade Abiola Adenike and Aina Babatope Blessing


The beauty of literature is the process of this academic discipline. It gives room for sensible endless debate on issues with view to reconciling them and to bring out the best from the divided opinions. Eco-critics discovered that enough attention ha not been given to natural manifestations in the analysis of some literary works. This paper tries to show that literature projectsnot only the human society but also the entireecological entity, which is made up of man and his environment .The word eco-criticism is a blend of two words ‘’ecology and criticism’’. Ecology, a biological register, is defined according to Hornby(2000) in Ogundokun(2013) as the coexistence and interactions of all organisms (living and non-living) with one another and their environment. The same authority sees criticism as the work or activity of making fair and careful evaluation about the good and bad qualities of a text.

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Principles and Parameters: Bounding Theory


Universal Grammar can be defined as: The set of Principles that are common to all languages. The initial state of language knowledge for human beings Principles may include parameters, which represent settings that may vary from language to language. Bounding theory is one of the systems of UG. It is concerned with imposition of restriction on the illicit movement of constituents by the transformational rule schema Move-α. Continue reading “Principles and Parameters: Bounding Theory”

Being God’s Template: Re-presenting His Life

The shop of the graphic designer is filled with so much inspiration, but one thing that is unique is the art of representation or such to be called “re-presentation”. The designer creates a template, and produces other look alikes from the template. He re-presents the design on the template on other materials. The templates represents the designer’s intention as well as re-presents the intention on something else; which in turn can also become a template.

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Gricean Pragmatics

According to Potts (2016) Grice’s ‘Logic and conversation’ published in 1975 is notable as it marks “defining moment in pragmatic theory…and it outlines a general theory of how to allow semantics and pragmatics to work together to produce linguistic meaning.” This significant contribution of H. P. Grice and the application of his theories in the field of pragmatics have led to the emergence the term Gricean Pragmatics. Continue reading “Gricean Pragmatics”