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The Great Grace


Name in 3D coloured lights

Grace has existed before man was formed from the dust and it increases with man’s existence, being a benevolence out of God’s unending and incomprehensible love for humanity. The Greek word transliterated ‘charis’ is not just kindness and favour. All (more…)


William Wilberforce: The Chain Breaker


No one told me I owe you
All I’ve heard is that you are all wicked
They told me

I Speak for the Aged






They ran before us
The roads where we thread,
They once walked through. (more…)

Maximizing Challenges: “His strength is made perfect in our weaknesses”


A testimony despite many tests

“by taking heed to the word, and through fasting and prayer, and people laying hands on me, and me pulling myself away with only those people that had faith. God broke the very thing that people today say is unbreakable – Donnie Mccclurkin (more…)

Factors Affecting Language Attitudes

According to Yazigy at the macro level, language attitude can be affected by the social factor or Individual Differences. On the one hand, in a society or community, there


SAVE OUR TEENS: Letters to Parent 

by Abdulahi Abdulazeez Olajide


Young adolescents often go through a year or more where they and their friends seem to meld, and become one, giant, hormonal mass of jumbo adolescent, they dress the same, (more…)

Phonological Problems of Igala Speakers of English Language

Phonological Problems of Igala Speakers of English Language


Godwin Flora, Abiona Ruth, Oluwayomi Sarah, Daniel Olayinka, Olorunsogo David Foluso

The English language is a world language. This brings about its suppression of so many other languages with which it comes in contact including Igala. This contact has resulted into many regional varieties of English all over the world.